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Bairnsdale Baptist Youth Group


Registration involves 4 main steps.

Registration needs to be filled our by parent/guardian unless you are over the age of 18+ (except for the sporting preferences)

Please also read all information below the registration instructions as it informs you of costs, how to pay, what to bring etc.



1) Your profile with Bairnsdale Baptist Youth

Please make sure your details (or your youth's details if you are a parent) is up to date on our Youth database. Use the following link to update your profile if needed or make a new one if your are new to BBYouth. If you have done this recently please move onto the next step.



2) Camp Registration form with Bairnsdale Baptist Youth

Please fill out a registration form to be part of the BBYouth Group attending State Youth Games. Use the link below for this form.

3) Registration form with SYG

Please fill in a registration form with SYG using the following link.

Please note you only need to provide a WWCC Number if you are 18+.

4) Choosing sport preferences

Soon after you have signed up with SYG you will receive a couple of emails that will allow you to log in to choose your sports preferences.

Other details we will ask for soon.

After you register we will also send you payment information, a clothing order

We will also organise transport closer to SYG

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