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Bairnsdale Baptist Youth Group


Bairnsdale Baptist Youth Group will be attending State Youth Games this year. 

State Youth Games is held over the June Long Weekend (9th-12th June) at Lardner Park near Warragul.


Registration involves 4 main steps.

Registration needs to be filled our by parent/guardian unless you are over the age of 18+ (except for the sporting preferences)

Please also read all information below the registration instructions as it informs you of costs, how to pay, what to bring etc.



1) Your profile with BBYouth

Please make sure your details (or your youth's details if you are a parent) is up to date on our Youth database. Use the following link to update your profile if needed or make a new one if your are new to BBYouth.


Profile Form Link


2) Camp Registration form with BBYouth

Please fill out a registration form to be part of the BBYouth Group attending State Youth Games. Use the link below for this form. This also includes the clothing order form (see below for details on this)


Camp Registration Form

3) Registration form with SYG

Please fill in a registration form with SYG using the following link.

Please note you only need to provide a WWCC Number if you are 18+.

SYG Registration Form

4) Choosing sport preferences

Soon after you have signed up with SYG you will receive a couple of emails that will allow you to log in to choose your sports preferences.

Camp info


Cost to attend SYG this year as part of BBYouth is as follows 

Sports Participant    $195

Team Helper           $110

YG Leaders             $110


This includes fees paid to SYG to run the event, camping site, transport and food. We understand this may be a large cost for some families. Please speak to pastor John if you need assistance with payment as we are seeking help from others in our church to help subsidise costs. There are also discounts available for multiple children in one family attending (see below).


·       Early bird registration: Sports Participants who register before the 3rd April will receive a $20 discount. 

·       Families with multiple children attending receive a $15 discount on the 2nd child and a $30 discount on the 3rdchild. 



A non-refundable deposit of $90 is due by the 5th May with the balance being due by the 26th May.

Payments can be made via 

  • Cheque (make payable to Bairnsdale Baptist Church)

  • Cash

  • Direct Deposit. BSB: 063-501 A/C: 906445 (Bairnsdale Baptist Church)


If paying by direct deposit to the church account please note “YG SYG” in the reference field and send Geoff a text or email so the deposit is recorded. 




The actual cost of attending SYG works out higher than the fees being charged. The difference is covered by fundraising and the generous support of the church. We ask for your support with our fundraising efforts. More details soon. 



Team Clothing

You are required to have as a minimum 1 team t-shirt to wear while at SYG. A new design has been created this year however, those with the old design are still welcome to use them. 


This year we are also going to offer the option of ordering hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts for those who would like them.  Costs for these items are as follows

T-shirts                   $25

Long sleeve T-shirt   $30

Hoodies                $40


The clothing order is included in the camp registration form. Click here for rough picture of the clothing design.




As mentioned above, your sports preferences are registered online. Once your preferences are loaded the leaders may need to make some alterations to complete teams for team events or due to logistical reasons. Where possible we will try to give you your first preference as well as give you an opportunity at both team and individual sports.


Given the size of the event the best advice here is to make your sports selections as quickly as possible. Most of the sports are done on a first in basis.

Camping Requirements

To assist with the planning for our campsite, can you please let us know what your camping preference is? Ie.

  • Planning to bring a swag

  • Prefer to be in a team tent



There are 2 options in regards to transport to SYG. 


·       Option 1 (preferred): Meet at the church 9am on Friday. 

·       Option 2: Meet at the church before 4pm on Friday. 


The early group will set up camp when they arrive at Lardner Park. The opening ceremony for SYG starts at 9pm.



Important dates to remember

Registrations Open                                          NOW

Early bird pricing ends                                    3rd April

Clothing Orders                                              14th April

Deposit due ($90)                                           5th May

Final Payment (including clothing ordered)                   26th May

Ensure medical details are up to date on Breeze            2nd June


What to bring 


  • Clothes - One thing we can guarantee is that it will be cold. Make sure you pack warm clothes.

  • Track pants, Jeans

  • Shorts (for sports)  

  • Tshirts, jumpers 

  • Some clothes that can get dirty

  • Underwear

  • Thermal underwear, skivvies

  • Extra socks (in case they get wet)

  • 3 pairs shoes 

  • Rain coat

  • Beanie, gloves, scarf

  • Pj’s



  • Toiletries & towel

  • Sleeping Bag & Inner sheet (extra blanket if req’d)

  • Mattress & Pillow

  • Camp chair

  • Drink bottle



For further details contact

Geoff Freiberg (Group Coordinator) – 0418 972 786

John Frazer (Pastor & Youth Leader) - 0481 200 772

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Camp Info
Clothing order
Clothing DESIGN
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